Gia Lai approves 3 projects to develop rural tourism

(TITC) - On 1st August 2023, Gia Lai Provincial People's Committee issued Decision No. 455/QD-UBND approving the list of projects to implement the Program on Rural Tourism Development in New Rural Construction in 2023.

Accordingly, the Provincial People’s Committee approved the list of 3 projects relating to build signboards at tourist attractions, build public toilets at tourist village, and equip display shelves.

41 signboards will be set up at tourist attractions namely Chu Dang Ya Volcano (Chu Dang Ya Commune), Ia Ly Ancient Stone Stream Relic (Ia Ly Town) and Ia Phi Commune, Ba Waterfall Relic (Nghia Hoa Commune) of Chu Pah District; Ia Bang Lake, terraced fields (Hnol commune), terraced fields and Twin waterfall (Trang commune) of Dak Doa District; Cham Pa Inscription Relic and Ong Nhac Stone Relic of Dak Po District; De Kjeng village (Ayun commune) and Pyau village (Lo Pang commune) of Mang Yang District.

4 public toilets will be built in Pyau village (Lo Pang commune, Mang Yang District).

The province will also support equipment, display shelves at the showroom of traditional products (Kep village, La Mo Nong commune, Chu Pah District), the showroom of traditional brocade weaving products (Glar commune, Dak Doa District), Community house (Pyau village, Lo Pang commune, Mang Yang District).

The Provincial People’s Committee requires ensuring the beauty, cultural architecture in accordance with the customs and habits of each locality during implementing projects.

Tourism Information Technology Center